Rabbi Matis Weinberg has a long history of writing about Judaism and how it affects you as a practicing Jew. His Patterns in Time, treating both Rosh Hashana and Chanukah, along with his famed Frameworks series and his Sefirot journal are all noted scholarly works. Rabbi Matis Weinberg displays his love of Torah and teaches you to love it as well.

Patterns in Time
This book series helps you to understand the patterns found in the Midrash. According to Rabbi Matis Weinberg, the Torah can be easier to read when you learn to expand how you see the lessons inside.

Beginning with Rosh Hashana, Weinberg teaches you about the themes inherent in the Garden of Eden and going all the way up to the Messianic times. He talks about the Days of Awe, then talks about the forces of evil and justice. He doesn’t forget to talk about any of the themes, and includes humor, being and memory. Rabbi Matis Weinberg, in this Patterns in Time book, teaches you that Rosh Hashana is the central creation theme. This book runs from the coronation of the first earthly king all the way to the return of the Messiah.

The second book talks about Chanukah, covering Jewish history beginning with the Garden of Eden and spanning through to the Messianic times.   Rabbi Matis Weinberg teaches about the the contrasts of the Jewish people, covering their divisiveness and assimilation.

Books in The Living Tree

Beginning with his Sukkot Overview, Rabbi Matis Weinberg teaches about the Hoshana Rabba shiur that took place in 1996. Weinberg has also written about the Middot Hayom, instructing you on taking one step a day for the first seven days. Next, he covers the Pesach, teaching you about the Haggada and its structure.Frameworks Judaism Book Series by Rav Matis Weinberg
Rabbi Matis Weinberg  has written several essays for his Frameworks series, beginning with the Paroles/Devarim Re’Eh, the Devarim\Parasha for Shofetim, the Parasha IV for Re’eh, Parasha III for Ekev, the Parasha II for Va’ethanan, the Parasha 1 for the Devarim and the Frameworks Prelude in five Movements.

A Discontinued Series Although Rabbi Matis Weinberg began writing books about the Jewish holidays (Rosh Hashana and Chanukah), he seems to have stopped writing them. Should he resume these works, they would cover, in order of the Jewish year, Yom Kippur, Shalosh Regalim, Tisha B’av and Purim – Rosh Hashana is, of course, the beginning of the Jewish year and Chanukah marks the end of the year.

Other Frameworks Books

Rabbi Matis Weinberg has written three other books that fall into the Frameworks series, to include Au Desert/Numbers, Exodus and Vayikra Il Crie-Leviticus. As with his other books, Weinberg writes them so you are able to understand and learn about your Jewish roots, faith and what he is teaching.